Finding our Radiant Spark! ( Let go)

Letting go of the past:

To find our Radiant Spark, we first need to step out from the dark shadow of the past and those things that no longer serves us.

It is healthy for us to acknowledge our past, and it is even healthy for us to feel whatever feelings that past makes us feel. Many of us have lived in the dark, cold shadow of our pasts too long. So long, we forgot who we were before that horrible thing happened. We forgot the Divine dwells in us, and we forgot that the Divine loves us.

Our first step here is to stand tall.

It is alright to feel fear, after all many of us have held onto our past a very long time. Just know, the past has no hold on you. Know that the past cannot hurt you. You are not that past. That past is gone. Forever.

Christians speak of giving our lives to God and taking off the old self of who we were, or who we thought we were. Then putting on the new self that is new, free, hidden in the Divine.

That is very powerful.

Other faiths liken this same process as a shedding of skin. Imagine a snake shedding its old skin (your past). Once and for all revealing new, radiant skin. The past is shed from our lives, you are made new. No more living under the weight of it. No longer living in the shadows of guilt. It is time to shed it all. It is time to have courage and stand up tall, and walk from outside that shadow and into the light. A new day has dawned for you, Lovely one.

Know this! The past can never attach to you again. That past is gone now. Remember, you do not live there anymore. You are free.

See yourself now, as a butterfly coming out of the chrysalis. Brand new. Old things have passed away. All things become new.

Rejoice now. Celebrate this awakening. Celebrate this gift of a new dawn rising for you. I see your Spark! Rejoice!

Take a few minutes and thank the Divine for this powerful change.

Never again pick up what does not serve you. Remember, you are made new. You are a new person. You are radiant in the Divine!

One tool I used to help me release the past was doTERRA’s Cedarwood Essential oil. These oils aided me in overcoming all the negative energy that perplexed me and weighed me down.

Cedarwood symbolizes wisdom, and strength. Cedarwood correlates with the root chakra. Cedarwood will help you to overcome old thought processes that no longer serves you.

I meditated with doTERRA’s Cedarwood Essential oil, and it allowed me to think clearer, once I let go of the past. It is a process, not a once and for all healing. We are growing and forever learning on this journey.

Another tool I use to help get rid of unwanted thought patterns, and heavy negative energy is smudging. I usually smudge with palo santo sticks and sage.

A few of my favorite crystals that have helped journey with me are; rose quartz, angelite, amethyst, lemurian quartz and smoky quartz angel. These crystals have promoted healing and well being for me in my journey.

Now as we keep on the journey, we are destined for more radiance. We are destined to find our Spark.

Join me for the next blog when we journey to finally see ourselves with new eyes. I will meet you on the Authentic Self page, when you are ready.

Along my journey, I have met wonder people who have helped me grow. Please visit their websites.

I wish you peace that surpasses all understanding.

– Sherri

Find your spark!

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