My name is Sherri and I live in Canada.

I have never been a blogger, but it seems to be calling me. We are living in interesting times, and I feel I need to share my truths and my heart with the world.

Find Your Radiant Spark:

Often times we are defeated before we begin. We believe the discouraging words of the world and ourselves that says we are not worthy, that we cannot do anything, and no one cares what you say.

The battlefield is in our minds. For every negative defeated thought, stop!

Stop and take a refreshing life giving breath. As you let it out, I want you to speak 3 good things that you know to be true about yourself.. Just 3.

You can do it.

Maybe you are a good gardener. Maybe, you smile at everyone you see. Maybe you make people laugh.

Do not struggle, just think. If you cannot find 3, then celebrate the 1 thing or the 2. As you do this every time a negative thought comes, you will start to realize that you have 3 and then 5 then 6,7,8 and so on.

There are many good things about you. You have many talents. Some you know of, some yet to be discovered.

One day you will realize the world is a better place with you in it.

We all struggle. We all battle. This blog will help us to grow up into our true purpose. This blog will give us wings to fly! This blog will give us courage to not only find our Radiant Spark, but to share that Spark and speak our truth.

I believe our journey together begins with letting go of the old and letting go of those things that no longer serves us. This will be our Step number 1. The next blog. Stay tuned.

I will be sharing with you tools that I found along the path, One such tool is doTERRA Essential oils. These oils are wonderful for the body, but they are indispensable for this journey of the soul. These oils have served to give me a great awakening towards Life, to the Divine, and to my journey.

I will also share other tools I have found along my path that have helped me, such as smudging, incense, crystals and my favorite – drumming.

I wish you peace in your mind and heart. I wish you kindness and that you never give up hope. I invite you to take this journey with me, to find ourselves and to find our Radiant Spark!

When you are ready, let us continue our journey. I will meet you on the next page “ Find Your Radiant Spark – Let Go. See you there, Lovely one. — Sherri

If you feel called to join my Radiant Spark Team at doTERRA, Please enrol!

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