doTERRA Essential Oil Spotlight

My journey with doTERRA Essential oils began after reconnecting with a friend. I had been struggling with anxiety, and I was reading a lot of material on Chakras, our energy centres. I was feeling unsafe around people. I was also feeling like I could not find my voice.

My friend, Bonnie told me about Whisper essential oil. I bought a bottle to try. Whisper allowed me to become grounded again with the earth, God and one with all there is. We are all connected. We are one. Whisper helped me to feel connected and safe again.

I meditated with Whisper, and I began to let go of all that fear I was holding onto. I realized when I would let go of that fear, little by little I was healing. I was remembering myself again.

From that part of my journey, I was able to find my Spark, as small as it was. I had found it, once more.

Today, I am able to be myself, without apology, and without fear. Whisper served a great tool for me to awaken to the truth that the Divine is inside of us. We all have that magic, that essence. We are enough, no matter who or what the world tries to tell us we are.

We are enough. We are worthy.

Dare to be your true self! Dare to live authentic!

Our next part of the journey is where we will see through the eyes of the Divine, into our true nature. We will become authentic, whole, and one with all there is, again. Please join me,

Perhaps this is how you will find your spark!

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