Authentic Self

Congratulations! It takes great courage to let your past go. You need to be strong to turn your back on the past, and face the Great Unknown.

You may be wondering what awaits you, now. Where are you going, and what will you do when you get there.

Breathe. Take a clean refreshing, calming breath of life giving air. Hold it to the count of 4, and then let it out slowly. Keep doing that a few times. Take a sip of tea, or water, or whatever you are drinking. Sink into your chair. Get comfy. Allow your destiny to unfold. It cannot be rushed. When you are ready, We will begin on this journey.

Imagine, if you will… that you are sitting on the edge of a grey rock overlooking a body of water. A small bay that is surrounded by many trees and stone rocks, just like the one you are sitting on. You look around taking in the beauty. You see dragonflies zipping by, and butterflies dancing. In the distance you can hear birds and you can smell the grass and wild flowers that grow all around the area. Breathing in slowly, and then letting it go.

A strange feeling comes over you, like you know this place. You have been here before. You feel calm and peaceful here. Time does not exist here and you are completely safe. You allow your whole body to rest, as you lie back onto the mossy rock you were sitting on. Closing your eyes you allow yourself to just be one with the sounds and smells of nature.

With your eyes still closed, you smile. As you smile you begin to feel so happy with your life and with yourself. You are right where you need to be. You breath in and then out. You hear the gentle flutter of wings as you feel the wind whoosh over you.

You open your eyes to catch a glimpse of a bird flying over you. You follow it with your eyes and you sit up in wonderment. The bird is a Great Blue Heron and he lands on top of a log that protrudes from out of the water. The Great Blue Heron looks at you and you are astonished at its size and at his beauty. In the sun, he is dazzling. Balancing on top of the log, the Great Blue Heron is graceful. You are not afraid. You are simply mesmerized and curious.

The Great Blue Heron moves his head slowly, side to side; intently looking at you. You feel as though his eyes are older and full of ancient wisdom. You feel as though his eyes are seeing your true essence, seeing who you truly are; before you believed the lies you told yourself, and before you believed the lies of others.

The Blue Heron opens his wings and flaps them once, twice and with third flutter, he flies ever so eloquently, close to the waters edge, and closer to you. The Great Heron skims the edge of the water and then turns and flies higher up and away. You catch a glimpse of a person’s reflection in the water. Instinctively, you look up and around but there is no one there. Only you. You are the only one. You turn back to look into the water. You see that reflection again. This time you are not afraid of it, as You begin to see yourself as though for the very first time.

As you stare at your reflection, you sense something old within you waking up. A new day has dawned, and a whole new chapter is about to begin. You have awakened to a very old and very powerful truth. From somewhere inside of you, from within your innermost being you hear these words speak gently to your heart, “Before you were born, before you were formed, I, God..I,the Divine, knew you.”

You know these words to be true. You begin to see yourself now, but also you being to feel yourself radiating. You stand up with a smile on your face. You look out to the forest that surrounds you, and you look up to the big blue sky. With a leap, you jump with hands held high and you shout as loud as you can, “I am me! This is who I am. I am free! There is nothing wrong with me! I am enough, more than enough, I am whole!”

Indeed, you have always been whole, but we lose sight of that when we lose sight of who we are. From the sky floating down to you, is a bright blue feather. Great Blue Heron has gifted you with it today. You receive this gift and you thank Great Blue Heron and you thank the Divine, and you thank yourself for not giving up and being brave to come along this journey.

A great work has taken place here today. I wonder what other wonderful encounters await us on our journey. Until we meet again, go in peace lovely one. Namaste.

Written by: Sherri M for Radiant Spark – Find Yours! Blog. 2020 all rights reserved.

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