Who Is The Divine?

I have been asked by someone close to me, who do I speak of when I say “The Divine”?

This question got me thinking.

I have done a lot of research about many different religions, traditions, ways of thinking and ancient ideals and thought processes. From out of all of them, this is how I would describe the Divine.

The Divine is so great that the Divine is hard to describe. The Divine expresses this with many faces across time. The Divine knows no time, for the Divine is timelessness. The Divine is an infinite energy that cannot and should not be boxed up.

Over centuries, the Divine has been called by many names! Yet, the Divine is all of those names at once, and is so much more greater than any name we can give, so much so that The Divine remains the Unnameable One.

I believe the Divine holds no gender, but can manifest in feminine energy, as well as masculine energy. I believe the Divine can manifest as animals, as humans, or in whatever ways to manifest what is needed.

The Divine is Divine Love. The Beloved. We cannot earn this love, because it is freely given. The Divine seeks us, before we ever seek the Divine.

Once we begin to seek the Divine, and we think we have narrowed it down, we look into that cosmic mirror to really see once and for all who it is that is the Divine. Straining our eyes too see into the cosmic mirror, we see ourselves!

That’s right. The Divine is you, and you are the Divine. We are one. If we look closer, we see that you are me, and I am you. We are all the same. As I honour you, I honour myself and the Divine in both of us.

Whether you call the Divine, God, or your Higher Power or Higher Self; it matters not. I refuse to put a name on this great, powerful energy because the moment I do, it becomes something it is not.

I do not want divisions among people, and when we put a name onto this beautiful Divine Energy, then division and arguments happen among ourselves and each other! We argue who has the right name or not. Who is right and who is wrong!

We live in such a day that we need to come together. We need to stop allowing divisions. We are all children of the Divine.

“I belong to no religion.
My religion is love.
Every heart is my temple.” —Rūmī

– Sherri

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