A Journey To An Ancient Forest

Hello Dear one! Come, let’s settle into our chairs and calm our breath. Together, let us journey once more.

Taking one long breath in, hold to a count of four and then letting the breath out through the mouth, slowly let go. Let go of the world around you. Let go of any thoughts. Let the thoughts come and go. Continue this practice of breath until you feel your body relax.

Now with your mind’s eye, in the distance you see long thick grass. Beyond that grass line, is unknown. You are not afraid, because you know your destiny awaits you beyond that grassy wall. With great courage, you begin to clear the grass as you walk through until you are completely on the other side.

Looking around, you take in this marvellous sight! You are standing in an ancient forest. In this ancient forest, the trees are tall, and their trunks are wide. You look around and take in the smells of strong oak trees, and tall pine trees. You smell wildflowers from the forest floor. You hear chatter from squirrels and birds who live in the trees.

You can see sun streaks shining in like golden rays between the trees in this ancient forest. You marvel at the site.

Not far in the distance you catch a glimpse of a red fox. The red fox is not surprised to see you, even though not many humans have ever been to this ancient forest. The red fox is delighted to see you, as though you were an old friend.

You are not afraid of the red fox. You feel no fear at all. Within yourself, you also feel a sense of intrigue. The red fox frolics in play, asking you to follow him deeper into this ancient forest.

Your heart says to follow. You are filled with a sense of childhood innocence and play. As red fox begins to run at a slow pace, so do you. A joyous laughter slips out of you, as you begin to feel free and light. There is nothing at all that weighs you down. You are connected with your inner child, and you are connected to the Divine, All That Is.

The red fox has led you to a clearing with an old stone alter standing untouched for thousands of years. Standing still now, you look upon this stone structure with reverence. In your heart of hearts, you know that you are standing upon sacred ground.

The stone structure is taller than you are. You walk over to the ancient structure. You reach out and place your hand on the stones. At first, the stones feel cold, but at your touch, the stones begin to warm. From the stones emanating out to you is deep healing and a feeling of such acceptance and deep love.

You close your eyes and allow the stones energy to fill you up. Finding the inner child within you, the healing vibration from the stones begin to heal that deepest part of you. That part of you that has seen the world through a distortion. You feel your inner child letting go of past hurts and fears. Letting go of disappointments. Letting go of negative words that were spoken over you as a child, that you grew up believing.

You begin to feel a restructuring happening in your inner core that realigns every thought pattern, and every thought process. You begin to feel warm energy washing over you. You open your eyes to see the sun has sent down a golden sun ray upon your head. In this moment, you feel the Divine clothe you in fresh clean linen. Unstained, unsoiled in any way.

The Divine speaks to your heart and tells you to never again pick up or put on another’s filthy clothes. From this moment forward, there is nothing unsightly about you. There is nothing to ever feel shame about. From this moment forwards, you feel Divine love flood every chamber, every organ, every cell and every part of you. Inside as well as outside.

You feel as though you are beaming! You feel renewed and empowered. You begin to thank the Divine for a great healing that has taken place here. You thank the stones for their healing touch. You thank the sun for its golden healing rays that are now all around you. Indeed, you are glowing standing in its brilliance.

At your feet you feel the stirring of little feet and the brush of a bushy tail. You look down at your feet and you see once more the red fox who led you here. With a smile, you thank the red fox for leading you here, right where you needed to be.

Red fox dances with delight, then beckons you to follow him back to where he first saw you. Looking around once more at the ancient stone structure, you hear the Divine speak into your spirit that you may return here at any time should you need too. This stone structure will always serve as a safe place for to come and just be.

Thanking the Divine once more, you begin to follow the red fox back to the start of the ancient forest. Next to you, you see again the thick grassy wall that you passed through to get here. You say good bye to red fox, thanking him once more for being your companion this day. As the red fox turns and disappears back into the ancient forest, you thank yourself for trusting All That Is, and for being brave enough to go on this journey.

You turn again to face the thick grassy wall. Walking into the grass wall, you walk through without struggle. Standing where we began this journey, I thank you for this time.

Until we meet again, go in peace, lovely one.

– written by Sherri M for Radiant Spark – Find Yours! blog.

All rights reserved.

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