DoTERRA Essential Oils

My journey with doTERRA Essential oils began after reconnecting with a friend of mine. I had been struggling with anxiety, and I was reading a lot of material on Chakras, your energy centres. I was feeling unsafe around people. I was feeling like I could not find my voice.

My Friend, Bonnie told me about Whisper Essential oil. I bought a bottle to try. Whisper allowed me to become grounded again in the present moment. I was able to feel grounded with the earth, and with God and at one with all there is. We are all connected. We are one.

I meditated with Whisper, and I began to let go of all that fear I was holding onto. I realized when I would let go of that fear, little by little I would remember my confidence again.

From that, I was able to find my Spark, small as it may be…but I had found it. I am able to be myself, in all my uniqueness, and my weirdness. I wear them proud now. Who wants to be like everyone else? The Divine has a higher calling for us. God has a plan. I encourage you, to find yours.

Dare to be your true, authentic self.

Whisper was a tool I used to help me feel grounded and safe. Whisper allowed me find courage again and to speak my truth. I use Whisper in meditations and ceremonies and in celebrating the journey!

Feel free to look around my doTERRA store. If you need help, ask! It is that easy. Enrol today for wholesale pricing or join my Radiant Spark Team!

You are enough!
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