Our Limitless Potential

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion – Rumi

Read that again,

Now, read it once again,,,slowly.

Acting Small:

There are several ways we can “ act small” in our lives.

  • We put ourselves last, and we don’ t pay attention to our own needs.
  • We never voice our opinions, we have lost our voice.
  • We have a defeated mindset, and we feel unworthy, or we just cannot “do” anything right.
  • We have forgot or given up our own power to others, we feel “weak”.

First things first! We put too much effort into caring about how other people see us. We waste our time trying to please people. As Rumi said, “Stop acting so small.”

How do we “stop acting so small”?

  • Tune into our own needs. Ask ourselves some important questions like: How am I feeling and why? What do I need to do for myself to feel better?
  • Self care is important for our own mental health. It is not selfish to love ourselves and pamper ourselves. How can we show or give love to others if we secretly dislike ourselves?
  • Fall in love with the Divine and with who we are! Be kind to ourselves, remember Greatness dwells inside of us; that Spark of the Divine! Honour the Divine by honouring your body, mind, and spirit. Then we will be able to walk steadfastly in our true essence, our true heart!
  • From this moment on know this: The Divine loves you, created you in love, to grow up with that love, and to be love in this world. A warrior of love and a warrior of peace. Therefore, never allow another negative thought to pass through your mind to then pierce your heart. There is a greater picture here, and a great destiny to unfold. Believe it. It is the heart of the Divine!
  • Once we cultivate a greater love with ourselves and within ourselves, we take back our power to just be as we are. No longer are we powerless to our negative minds, or our past memories or to other people. We can now walk in the fullness of life and all it has to offer. “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. “H. Jackson Browne

If the best that you can do today is decide that you will not give up, that is enough!

If today, all you can do is feel your breath- taking one breath in and letting it go, that is enough!

If all you can do today, is live moment by moment, congratulations!

You have found the secret to living without fear, regret, and without anxiety!

Yesterday is gone. Yesterday, is no longer our reality. We do not live there. The future is not here yet, so whatever you are thinking of for your future is not real now. We do not live there, either. Where we live day to day, is here, in the now. This very present moment is where we live. This moment is all that is real.

Let us make today, the day we see our limitless potential.

Let us make today, the day we stop living as though we are small.

Make today, the day that we walk in all that power in us, put there by that Spark of the Divine! Tune into it, feel it, channel it and begin to use it.

Take a look at yourself now in that cosmic mirror. Do you see who you are? You ARE the universe in ECSTATIC motion! Live it, be your Divine self, lovely one!

Connecting with the Divine

There are several ways that have found that works for me to connect with my Divine. I will share them with you. If you have other ways, please comment and let me know!

Smudging with Palo santo, or sweet grass. Palo Santo is translated as “Holy wood” It dates back to the Inca’s, and is thought to bring peace and sacredness to any space. Sweet grass is another sacred plant that is thought to bring healing, comfort to any space. Sweet grass also repels negativity.

doTERRA Frankincense essential oil. It is thought that Frankincense can connect you with your Higher Power. You can diffuse it or apply it in carrier oil. For me, Frankincense allows me to focus when I am meditating. It allows me to feel One with All there is.

Drumming. I own a hand drum that I use to connect with the Divine. Drumming for me has become a state of prayer when I do not have the words to pray in a traditional way. I also have a djembe which I use too.

Crystal singing bowls. In meditation, sometimes, I will use a green, heart chakra crystal singing bowl. It is tuned to the key of F. It is thought that the key of F, whether singing the note or playing it; is a creative vibrational sound. The sound of Divine creation. This helps me by not only envisioning within my mind the thing I want to have in my life, but it allows me to see it being created, as I feel the vibration moving right into my innermost being.

However we connect to the Divine, is unique just as we are all unique. The Divine is so great that we can even connect without the need a of anything. “What you seek, is seeking you!” Rumi.

— Written by Sherri M of Divine Spark – ind Yours!

All rights reserved. 2020

(Don’t know Rumi? Rumi was a 13 th century poet and mystic. His poetry can be found in many books and the World Wide Web!)

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